3 Reasons to Cut Your Cable Cord and Get an Android Box

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android tv box

Why People are Getting an Android Box

Ever imagined a system where you and your friend can watch the latest movies, play online games and at the same time on TV? What if your kids play their favorite Android games on your TV or play Spotify playlists directly from your home theater speakers?

These are just a few things android box users enjoy!

What is an Android Box

First, what is an Android TV box?

It is a portable Android device that is connected to a television and performs the function of the Android operating system installed in it. It is more like enjoying the features of a smartphone on a wider platform (which is the television). Those using an Android smartphone can easily understand the user interface of the device because they both use the same OS – operating system.

The fact that users get to open Netflix makes it amazing. Most people benefit from watching live TV such as the ITV and BBC using free-to-view services which can be easily setup via Kodi XBMC.

The compatibility is any great reason for owning an Android TV box with XBMC because it is so compact you can carry it around. It is also useful to share your favorite songs, pictures, and videos through television to other people. Many people enjoy browsing with this portable and lightweight device.

1 - The Convenience of Using Internet From The TV

You can enjoy the convenience of using the internet and streaming television channels whenever you want, irrespective of time and place. The fact that you can enjoy browsing on a larger screen makes it more exciting.

You can easily connect with your friends and loved ones on social media as well as check your emails.

Lastly, it can convert any television into a smart one.

2 - Loads of Apps

Getting access to endless games and apps is one of the most enjoyed benefits of this box. Users have the ability to install and play/use the apps that are on the Android OS.

By visiting the Google Play store, you can easily install the latest games and apps in various categories, including books, magazines, social media, multimedia, and so on using the internet.

3 - The Simplicity of Setup

The Android-enabled TV box is generally simple to set up. It requires you to just connect the device to a power source and connect it to the HDMI port of your TV; and within a few minutes, the whole system will be ready to function.

It is also compatible with other devices such as USB hard disks, TF/SD cards, and USB. Most users like enjoy connecting the box with a wireless keyboard, mouse, and remote for easy navigation.

Final Thoughts

The internet is widely used as a media source, meaning everything can be streamed and watched online. This widespread use of the internet has made the cable television obsolete.

Possibly, the future entertainment televisions will have broadband connections distributing the content from around the globe.

Very soon, the Android TV box will render old cable TV networks obsolete.


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