The Furby Connect Gift Guide

by | Nov 21, 2016 | Gift Giving Guides

Toy fads come, and toy fads go, but some toys that started out as a fads stand the test of time. Furby is one of those toys. I remember Furby the first time around, they were the MUST HAVE Christmas present. The only parenting issue worse than a sold out Christmas present on Christmas Eve is stepping on Lego at 3am.

What is Furby

For those not in the know, the original Furby was the Christmas gift of 1998, an animatronic, Mogwai-like fuzzball that spoke its own language when it wasn’t making noises. Like all fads, Furby was dying before its second birthday, and gone by 2002 or so we thought.

The New Furby Connect

Furby fans will immediately notice some of the more obvious changes to the newest version. For starters, its ears have grown in size, allowing it to function better and respond to touch and sound. Additionally, the full-color LED eyes, which feature more than 150 animations, allow for even more expressions. Also—less technological but equally as important and worthy of mention—Furby Connect’s fur is incredibly soft and, quite honestly, irresistible to touch.

Fubry Connect interacts with its owner in a bunch of entertaining ways. For instance, kids can tickle, feed, shake, pet, and turn their Fubry upside down to see and hear all the whacky ways it will react. It’s also witty and full of sass, which makes for plenty of entertaining phrases and catchy songs.

With so many moods it is like having an additional albeit brightly coloured member of the family, everything from happy to sad, scared to excited and best of all each Furby is unique.

Furby Sleep Mask

DON’T LOSE IT! This time Furby knows when it is night time. Thank God. Last time around Furby didn’t grasp the concept of being left in the playroom and needing to shut up as it was 3am. This time however, she/he does. and will be quiet when left in a quiet room for a few minutes. Alternatively, you can put the Sleep Mask over Furby’s eyes and she/he will go to sleep until the mask is removed.

  • Furby Connect
  • $67.99
  • Furby Connect
  • $75.00
  • Furby Connect
  • $67.99
  • Furby Connect
  • $67.99
  • Furby Connect
  • $78.99

The Furby Connect App

All of Furby’s interactive features make him great to play with in his own right, but with Furby Connect, there’s a whole extra layer of play realized through your smartphone or tablet. Furby Connect is Bluetooth enabled, and can connect to the free Furby Connect World app.

Name your Furby Connect and watch it learn its name, feed it with virtual food, be warned it won’t like everything you feed it. Play games with it, put it to bed, and even take it to the toilet, this is where the interaction between the toy and the app gets really funny. Each Furby is unique, and able to switch between a range of moods, including happy, excited, scared and sad.

Furblings (virtual baby Furbs) are a big part of the app. There are over 60 different Furblings to hatch and take care of, you can even build a virtual Furbling village. The more you play with the app, the more Furblings you earn. The aim is to collect them all, and level the Furblings up to reveal their hidden characteristics.

Furby Connect, A 2016 Christmas Must Have 

Thanks to all its new features and updates, Furby Connect is like that cool best friend that everyone always wishes they had. While you can play with Furby without the app, it’s fair to say that it enhances the toy’s play value. The brilliant thing about the new Furby Connect being Bluetooth enabled is that it can be updated regularly with new and exciting things. Furby Connect is lots of fun to play with, and brings a classic toy bang up to date for today’s tech-savvy kids. It will definitely be on the “Must Have” list this Christmas.


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