Geeky Gifts for Kids

by | Oct 31, 2016 | Gift Giving Guides

Making sure you are getting the perfect gift/toy for your geeky child might turn out to be trickier than it looks. With all of the technology advancement in today’s world and the rate at which kids are developing these days, you need to be certain that the geeky gift you are getting for your child is nothing short of perfect; where perfect is not some overpriced junk that is destined to become unloved and forgotten within days of being unwrapped, at the bottom of your child’s toy box.

Now, there are parents who might become worried of the fact that their kids spend too much time on tablets, smartphones, or on the internet. However, learning something like programming might become one of the numerous vital skills your geeky child will need to build his or her future.

Rather than deprive your child of technology, why don’t you get them smart toys, books or gadgets that will help them learn and develop while being in a safe environment where they can play, grow and explore? Presenting your child with the right geeky gift or toy on special occasions like birthdays or Christmas, is something that will be well appreciated and will definitely increase the love your child has for you as you have put what he or she loves into consideration while getting him/her a modern day gift.

So, how do you discover kid’s tech that is educational and inspiring, but still fun enough to keep your child coming back to it? Well, below are some examples you can follow and these geeky toys/gifts are great as they come across different age ranges, and they are sure to make your kids delighted. These geeky gifts/toys are not the types today’s adults grew up with, these are for the new age kids (don’t be surprised when you see some people in their 30’s with them though);


If your child seems to love the robot world and you wish to impress him/her, the Meccano Meccanoid is one great choice that will do the trick. This 4-foot tall robot has the ability of mimicking your kids and responding to instructions given to it. Consisting of about 1,200 parts including LED eyes, eight motors, and a brain, you can control this robot through direct manipulation or using an iOS or Android app with it. With multiple voice commands that can be used, the Meccanoid is one robot your kids will enjoy having.


What more could bring about more joy to a kid who loves Star Wars: The Force Awakens other than a beautifully branded BB-8 droid, controllable with an iOS or Android device? Just like the one it was modelled after, the Sphero also rotates in any direction while the head floats magnetically on top. The app that comes with it features some different activities, like the ability to record holographic messages, enabling your kids to find the BB-8 more fun and more engaging. The app also comes with official Star Wars effects that will make your kids love the BB-8 all the way.


This is for the electrical engineer of the house. This puzzle game enable your child to have the knowledge about how electricity works right from his/her tender age. With 60 different challenges, this game is well made as it comes in three different difficulty levels. All your child needs to do is move the pieces of the game together and fit them the right way so as to solve each puzzle. The Circuit Maze Board is great as it also allows adults to play along with kids; it is also great for building problem solving skills.


Now for that geeky programmer of yours, Primo is one of the coolest programming toys that will help your child understand what programming is all about, even before they acquire the ability to write. Made up of three main components (Cubetto which happens to be a robot, an instruction block that conveys instructions of how Cubetto should move, and an interface to give the instruction), a kid between the ages of 4 and 7 will be able to learn the programming logic in a simple way. All your geeky kid needs to do is arrange the blocks in the right order so as to deliver commands of movement to Cubetto, making it move any obstacle before it.


There are a lot of different geeky toys or gifts you can choose for your kids what with the advancement in technology. All you need to do is make sure the gift or toy goes in line with their personality, their talent, and it is something they are really passionate about.