American Girl Doll Compared

  • American Girl
  • $157.69
  • The Good:
    American Girl Doll is more than just buying a doll, but they have created an experience. Little girls select everything from hair color, skin tone, eye color, to clothes, and all the added pieces based on their personal style and interest. The biggest appeal is how personalized it can be to your child.
  • The Bad:
    It is expensive, bottom line. It can cost $150 - $200 when you are done personalizing and buying accessories.
  • Overall:
    If you are looking for a collectors piece, go with this doll. If your child is above the age of 8, takes amazing care of all their toys, and truly can understand the value of this doll, then consider choosing the authentic version.
  • Our Generation
  • $19.99
  • The Good:
    This is a very close comparison. The size is almost identical, has a ton accessories and a variety of face options. Out of all the dolls, the body type is most similar to the American Girl doll in both size, width and full cloth chest. Out of the three alternatives, this would be our top pick.
  • The Bad:
    There are naturally a few minor differences in look and feel. The biggest difference is the hair is a bit rougher and is more like doll hair of a Barbie. Also, the arms are in a slightly different position, the face seems a bit less round, and does not show teeth like all the AG dolls do.
  • Overall:
    This is a great option at anywhere from $29 - $40, depending on how many accessories you buy. When tested on a 4 yr old, she had no idea her doll is different from her friends authentic American Girl doll. If your child is on the younger side, or will not take care of her toys, we highly recommend sticking with a comparable version like this. We also recommend purchasing it online since we have found that not every target has all the options in store as they do on their website.
  • My Life
  • $27.97
  • The Good:
    This is another close comparison to American Doll that is similar in size and comes with a number of looks, and hair color. Each of the dolls have cute accessories and pretty facial features.
  • The Bad:
    The hair is also not as soft as American Girl doll, but seems to be softer than My Generation. The doll is a little thinner than both the Our Generation doll and American Girl doll, and slightly taller. The largest difference is that the upper chest is made from plastic, and American Girl dolls have chests that are all cloth.
  • Overall:
    This is another great option. It looks just as pretty and also has a lot of options and accessories. Unless your daughter knows all the minor details of an American doll, she will not notice a difference in this doll when playing with it. It is also recommended to buy online as they have more options and most likely more neatly stored than when buying in the store.
  • Journey Girls
  • $31.99
  • The Good:
    The overall size is similar to American Girl, and the hair was soft and pretty. Out of all the dolls that were not American Girl, she seemed to have the softest hair. She also comes with a number of accessories and skin tone options.
  • The Bad:
    When compared side by side, there seemed to be more cosmetic differences than any other doll. No teeth showing, a bit longer face, thinner body, fuller lips, softer plastic, and body cloth does not go to the top. Also, the eyes don't blink like every other doll does.
  • Overall:
    This is probably our least favorite option of the American Girl alternate versions. However, still a good option that most younger girls will not notice any difference. Buying online gives you all the options than when going into a store. Also, when purchasing this doll, rest assured that if your daughter does not take care of the doll, you only lose our on $30 as opposed to $150+.

American Girl Doll and Book

American Girl dolls are a collectors accessory that is more than just a doll, but provides a little girl with a whole experience. The stores are decorated beautifully, have tons of doll options, and have areas for little girls to play with their dolls. In fact, if you are buying an American Girl doll and have a store nearby, we would recommend bringing your little girl with you to the store to make that purchase.

In addition to having an American Girl doll, there is also an American Girl Hospital. They will fix whatever happens to your doll (for a fee). Nothing with American Girl dolls come cheap.

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Our Generation Doll and Book

When something like American Girl costs nearly $200 and is so popular, you can bet on Target and other retailers to create a less expensive version for parents like me and you.

We personally love everything about the Our Generation doll. Our daughter does not notice a difference at all, it has a lot of really fun and cute accessories, and looks very similar in height and size. It even has very minor details that are also similar such as a full cloth chest, feathered eyebrows, and very detailed accessories.

Out of all the options available, this in our opinion is the closest match. There is no beating the quality and softness in hair of the American Girl doll, but if your kid is like mine, it gets used and abused regardless. The fact that the Our Generation doll hair is a bit rougher is probably even better since it has held up really well in the 6 months+ that we have had this doll.

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My Life As Doll

The third doll we looked at was the My Life doll. Another good option with beautiful faces and many accessories to choose from. We know little girls will love and enjoy playing with this doll too.

My Life Dolls have a whole line of dolls, pets, clothes, accessories that Walmart has done a great job of building out. While the overall look of the doll seems to be a bit thinner than American Girl dolls, these are also cute dolls that can provide a lot of fun.

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Journey Doll

Finally, last but not least, we looked at Journey Dolls. This is Toys R’ Us version of the 18″ Doll. We think they also did a nice job in creating a few different options with all different skin tones and a lot of accessories to go along with these dolls.

For some reason, in our opinion, this was our least favorite. It was all minor details for things like eyes do not blink and the doll body shape is the skinniest. However, if purchasing for a toddler girl, we are certain very few would notice a difference.

The dolls do have beautiful faces and pretty hair so girls of any age who love to play with dolls will enjoy these dolls. Meanwhile, their moms who love to save money will also be happy with their selection.

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