Toddler Balance Bikes Compared

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  • WOOM 1
  • $199.00
  • It is high quality construction in terms of the types of products used to build this bike. We also like how the frame of the bike curves down to allow getting on the bike really simple for even the littlest legs.
  • As with any kid, they may or may not like it, so there is always a risk of spending money and have it go unused. Also, it has hand breaks which in our opinion for the younger kids makes it a feature that adds to the cost, but not necessarily value. A toddler won't necessarily know what to do with a hand break.
  • As parents, you take a big risk in spending $200 and not knowing if the child will like it. Looking at other alternatives for balance bikes that are less expensive can help ease your concerns.
  • Strider - 12 Classic
  • $89.99
  • We felt it was sturdy and high quality. The handles had nice soft grips and was overall a nice bike. We did not find ourselves 'missing' anything from the more expensive balance bikes.
  • The bar in the middle made it hard for our 2 year old tester to hop over. We had to put him on it, or he had to place on floor and place legs on each side. Also, we felt the seat was a bit difficult to adjust, but once you adjust, you really have no need to change it again for some time.
  • Other than some difficulty on seat adjustments, we had nothing negative to say about this bike. It is a solid toddler balance bike that is a great option without breaking the bank
  • Tauki
  • $68.99
  • Another good option for balance bike. Seat is easily adjustable, plus an adjustable handlebar.
  • This is by far the heaviest out of the three bikes we compared at 11lbs. We actually think it is meant for a little older kids, such as big 2 yr olds to 3 year olds.
  • Heavier than most balance bikes, but perfect for older kids learning to balance and get ready for a regular bike.

WOOM1 USA Balance Bike

When they set out to build a bike, WOOM simply didn’t put together a bike. They made a bike out of parts fine-tuned for a child’s body. Instead of rushing their bike to the market, they spent years researching how a child learns to balance and then built a bike around their findings. The result is a perfectly balanced bike that is as easy to balance as it is to ride.

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Strider – 12 Classic Balance Bike

This is the perfect bike for any toddler just learning how to ride. If you read any of the reviews for this product you will see they are overwhelmingly positive. Parents love this bike because it allows their child to learn at their own pace. The children love it because they have absolute freedom.

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Tauki Balance Bike

We recommend this bike for its adjustable features. Parents love to hear that this bike is tested to meet high safety standards. With such great features, we can only say that it’s a great bargain and one of the best balance bikes for toddlers.

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